Commercial Pressure Booster

  • Commercial Pressure Booster
  • Commercial Pressure Booster
  • Commercial Pressure Booster
  • Commercial Pressure Booster


Public places:

Hospital, School, Gymnasium, Golf Court, Airport

Commercial :

Hotels, Hostels, Office Buildings Complexes and Shopping Malls, Large Scale Sauna, Irrigation Park, Amusement Park , Orchard, Farm


  • VFD - Variable Frequency Drive
  • PLC Control System
  • Dry Run Protection with Auto Restart
  • High / Low Voltage Protection
  • High Temperature Protection
  • Phase Failure Protection


Commercial Pressure Booster

Irrigation Water Management:

Irrigation Water Management

High Performance System Components

Control Panel
Control panel with indicator lights of actual setting - Pump on, auto reset and alarm (dry-running or overheating.)
Thermal Protection If the pump overheats, it immediately stops and then automatically restarts after the cooling down period.
Dry-run Protection If the pump runs dry, the pump automatically stops. It will then attempt to restart every half hour for a maximum of 24 hours.
Flow Switch Enables the system to automatically stop the pump during normal operation when flow drops below 0.3 gpm, or shut off in 12-15 seconds after flow stops.
Built-in Check Valve Incorporates a check valve which prevents backflow during priming and operation.
Built-in Pressure Tank A small 5 oz. built-in pressure tank, ensure the water is readily available from the tap and minimize motor startup and stop.
Drain Plug Drain the water out of the pump as the near freezing water begins to expand, which prevents the pump from freezing and becoming damaged during the winter season.
Anti-Cycling Features Prevents the pump from continuously starting and stopping when you have a dripping tap or minor leak in the system.
Easy to Install The outlet pipe connection can be angled up to 5° to fit your existing pipework. Also, the compact design makes the pump easy to place indoors and outdoors where space is limited.
Easy to Operate Operates entirely by means of the control panel with just one simple touch button.
Quiet Operation The pump is cooled by the pumped water which eliminates the need for a noisy cooling fan.

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