Industrial Pressure Booster

  • Industrial Pressure Booster
  • Industrial Pressure Booster


  • VERTICAL, HORIZONDAL multi-stage, Booster Pumps
  • Maximize performance, economy, and reliability.
  • Complete and efficient management of water pressure
  • Two pressure points can be set according to the requirement
  • Soft Start / Stop - Increases pump and motor life by more than 30%
  • Continuous water supply due to standby pumps
  • Extremely quiet, Compact design ,low vibration operation.
  • Pump operating efficiencies up to 80%.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction.
  • Smooth, automated start and stop
  • Simple installation
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) reduces
  • Energy costs up to 40% compared to constant speed systems.
  • VFD automatically adjusts speed to maintain desired water pressure as flow varies.
  • The expensive maintenance of PRV (pressure regulating valve) systems.
  • Pumps with VFD last longer by adjusting workload to meet system requirements.


  • Ideal for pressure boosting without overhead tanks
  • Consistent water pressure on all floors
  • Pressurized full flow shower, which you always wanted
  • Consistent water flow in bathtubs, dishwashers, showers and garden hose
  • The modern fittings like mixers require an optimum pressure to function efficiently
  • Since this pressure is normally not available with an overhead tank, the booster system makes the presence of such fittings more meaningful

Benefits In choosing pneumatic pumping system are:

  • Single source responsibility of total system
  • Easy spares availability reducing down time
  • Wide range of energy efficient pumps enabling customers to choose the right options, without limitations on space, cost and maintenance.
  • Wide service network ensuring trouble free operation of system.
  • In house design and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Logic controller for every application resulting in optimum performance and maximum energy savings


High-rise factories, Manufacturing & processing industries applications, Combination Boilers, washing device, Food industry etc..

Industrial Pressure Booster application

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